How to Get Spark of Ingenuity in Dragonflight

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If you're looking to craft high-level gear in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, one option is to find some Spark of Ingenuity. Here's how to get started.

Sparks of Ingenuity are primarily used for crafting epic-tier items and can only be obtained after completing the main campaign of Dragonflight. Additionally, players are limited to one Spark of Ingenuity per every two weeks--the next available opportunity being Dec. 12.

How to Get Spark of Ingenuity in Dragonflight

Once you've completed the main campaign, head over to the Bronze Enclave in Valdrakken. First, find Therazal and accept the "Learning Ingenuity" quest. Then, interact with Greyzik Cobblerfinger. When you've completed his “Jump-Start? Jump Starting!” quest, you will receive a Bottled Essence, which is a required part of using Sparks of Ingenuity.

Greyzik's Dragonscale Expedition will then begin, leading you to the Bronze Enclave. Once there, interact with the Maiden of Inspiration, who will present you with the "In Tyr's Footsteps" quest, which has multiple challenges. Complete the first challenge, and you will be sent back to the Engine of Innovation in Valdrakken. This will then unlock the "Fueling the Engine" quest, which will guide you on how to create a Spark of Ingenuity.

The Engine of Innovation quest line will allow you to create more Sparks of Ingenuity, but further quests will not be accessible until after the two-week time period has passed. There are five Sparks of Ingenuity in total that can be created and later used in crafting.

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