How to get special items in Pokemon GO is important information for players wanting to further progress their Pokemon in the game.

Pokemon GO special items include Dragon Scales, King's Rocks, Metal Coats, Sun Stones, Sinnoh Stones and Up Grades. These items allow players' Pokemon to undergo special evolutions, much like how they function in traditional Pokemon games.

Here's a full list of Pokemon GO special items and how to collection them.

How to Get Special Items in Pokemon GO

Special Items

  • Dragon Scale: Use on Seadra to evolve into Kingdra
  • King's Rock: Use on Poliwhirl to evolve into Politoad, Slowpoke into Slowking
  • Metal Coat: Use on Onix to evolve into Steelix, Scyther into Scizor
  • Sinnoh Stone: Use on Gen 1/2 Pokemon + 100 candy for a Gen 4 Evolution
  • Sun Stone: Use on Gloom to evolve into Bellossum, Sunkern into Sunflora
  • Up Grade: Use on Porygon to evolve into Porygon 2

There are multiple ways to acquire special items in Pokemon GO. Players will debate which is the best way possible, but weekly rewards are a guaranteed evolution item. Other methods include the recently implemented Trainer Battles and visiting Poke Stops. It's up to the individual player to determine which is the best way possible.

Photo courtesy of The Pokemon Company