How to Get Specialist in Warzone Season 6

Photo by Infinity Ward/Activision

Here's how to get Specialist in Warzone, a bonus pickup which requires players to solve the latest Easter egg hidden in Verdansk's new Season 6 subway system.

Unlike the Specialist perk found in multiplayer, which allows players to acquire more perks for kills in place of killstreaks, the Specialist bonus in Warzone gifts all perks at once.

How to Get Specialist in Warzone

YouTuber Old M8 showed how to get the Specialist bonus in Warzone Season 6.

Step 1: Land in the large, two-story office building located in the Downtown POI.

Step 2: Interact with the keypad behind the main desk in the first floor lobby and enter "2179."

Step 3: Interact with the computer located in the same room, and take note of the sequence of four pictures and math equations displayed.

Step 4: Using the pieces of art on the walls inside the office building, match up the pictures shown on the computer earlier to the roman numeral displayed under each one.

Step 5: Refer back to the sequence and solve the four math equations using the numbers of the roman numerals to come up with a four-digit code.

Step 6: Enter the code into the computer.

Step 7: Head into the subway entrance near the Airport POI, and interact with the control panel to call the train.

Once you're in the secret location, you can pickup the Specialist bonus, as well as a lot of other valuable loot.

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