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How to Get Speed Boost Powerup in Warzone's Clash Mode

Image courtesy of Activision

Warzone's Clash mode gives players the chance to get their hands on some interesting powerups. One of the best seems to be the speed boost. Here's how to get hold of it.

Clash has come to Warzone in the latest update, Patch 1.42. This mode drops players into a huge 50v50 Team Deathmatch, where loadouts are available right from the start. A unique addition to this particular mode are the powerups, giving players some extra special ways to dominate in this chaos-filled match.

It's early days, but the speed boost powerup seems to be drawing the attention of most players. For 30 seconds players get a noticeable increase in movement speed, perfect for getting out of (or into) trouble. So, where can you find this boost?

Where to Find Speed Boost Powerup in Warzone's Clash Mode

All of the powerups in Clash have a chance to drop from defeated enemy players or found in supply boxes. The rarer the supply box, the better chance you'll have a finding a powerup. A sound cue will play once that powerup has been obtained, displaying the item name in the center of the screen. There will be a small indicator in the bottom-middle of the screen showing how much time is remaining before the boost runs out.

In this giant Team Deathmatch there will be no shortage of enemies to take down. Eliminate as many as posible and you'll be sure to find some fun boosts along the way. The speed boost might not be the strongest, but other players will have a hard time trying to catch you with this one activated.