How to Get the Breathing Mask in Horizon Forbidden West

Image courtesy of Guerrilla Games

Want to figure out how to get the breathing mask in Horizon Forbidden West? Here's what you need to know.

The Diving Mask is obtained in the eleventh main mission titled The Sea of Sands. It's nearly impossible to miss as it is needed in order to proceed with the storyline. This piece of Legendary Special Gear enables you to stay underwater indefinitely without the worry of running out of oxygen. This is extremely useful as it will grant you lots of time to explore underwater.

Now that you know what the breathing mask does, here's how to get it.

How to Get the Breathing Mask in Horizon Forbidden West

The quest to craft the mask will come during Aloy's search for Poseidon about halfway through the game. It's a Level 22 quest that takes place in what used to be Las Vegas where Morlund at the Tower of Tears will ask you to help craft the diving mask. Aloy will then need to venture out to gather three materials: Compressed Air Capsule, Machine Knee Cap, and Synthetic Membrane.

The Compress Air Capsule can be retrieved by diving into the flooded elevator shaft that's marked, which is on the diving bell halfway down. Next, players will need to hunt down machines to get the other two parts. The Bellowbacks will have the Synthetic Membrane while the Leapslashers will have the Knee Cap. With the retrieval of all three components, you will be able to get your own Diving Mask.

With it, players will be able to explore underwater freely without the fear of drowning.