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How to Get the Bullseye Bow: Far Cry 6

A preview of the Bullseye Bow unique weapon
A preview of the Bullseye Bow unique weapon / Photo courtesy of Ubisoft

As players fight to take back Yara from the Castillo Regime, they will need a strong and bountiful arsenal to do so. Luckily, Far Cry 6 has a plethora of powerful weapons scattered across Yara but they typically require players fighting through an ample amount of Antón Castillo's Yaran soldiers.

One such weapon is the Bullseye Bow, a unique weapon with preset attachments that make for a silent yet lethal weapon perfect for stealthy missions. Since it is a unique weapon with preset mods, players cannot customize the weapon at a Workbench. Here's how players can obtain the deadly bow:

How to Get the Bullseye Bow: Far Cry 6
Unlike many other weapons, players cannot customize the Bullseye Bow using the Workbench / Photo of Ubisoft/VoltaxImages

How to Get the Bullseye Bow: Far Cry 6

Players can get the Bullseye Bow by traveling to the El Este region of Yara. Once in the region players should travel to an area occupied by the Yaran military located roughly halfway between the Todos Santos Cemetery and Verde River. This area should already be marked on the player's map.

As they approach the area, a unique weapon icon will appear on players screens indicating the location of the Bullseye Bow. Players must be extremely cautious when arriving, though, as the soldiers are hostile and will engage in a gunfight once players are spotted.

After clearing the area of hostiles, players can approach the cage marked by the icon and melee to destroy the lock and open the cage. Inside of the gage will be a large gator case with the Bullseye Bow inside. The Bullseye Bow should be automatically added to players' arsenals when opening the case.

How to Get the Bullseye Bow: Far Cry 6
A look at the Crosshair Sight bow mod in Far Cry 6 / Photo courtesy of Ubisoft

The Bullseye Bow comes with various attachments which are listed below:

  • 2-Star Mod, High Ground: Enemies located below players take more damage from the weapon
  • 3-Star Mod, Crosshair Sight: A crosshair bow sight is now equipped, making more of the target visible.
  • 3-Star Mod, Precision Arrows: Arrows will fly straighter for longer distances.
  • 4-Star Mod, Headshot Supremo: Headshot kills now reward a bonus charge to the Supremo backpack.