How to Get the Chatterbox in Division 2

How to Get the Chatterbox in Division 2 is a common question since the launch of the latest raid.

The Chatterbox is an Exotic SMG in The Division 2. It highly resembles a P90. Players are eager to get their hands on this weapon because of the powerful perks it comes with. The Chatterbox has the perks Chatter, Box Magazine, and Blabbermouth. 

So how do you get it?

How To Get The Chatterbox In Division 2

To get The Chatterbox, you'll first need to assemble the parts for it. There are three parts and they each drop from Hyena chests in different parts of the map. You'll need to collect the Modified Mods from the Judiciary Square, the Creative Mag from the Federal Triangle, and the Loaded Canister from Downtown East.

There's no other fancy tricks or methods to find these parts. Just open Hyena chests and hope you get lucky.

Once you have the parts you'll be able to access the Blueprint. The Blueprint comes from the Bank Headquarters mission in Downtown West. You'll need to complete the mission on Challenging difficulty. Once you've completed it, a new cache should appear in the "treasure room", granting you the Blueprint for The Chatterbox.

Cover Photo Courtesy of Ubisoft/Massive Entertainment