How to Get the Destiny 2 Flip Out Emote

Destiny 2 Flip Out Emote
Destiny 2 Flip Out Emote / Courtesy of Bungie Inc.

Here's how to get the Flip Out Emote in Destiny 2.

The Flip Out Emote is considered one of the best ones in Destiny 2, as the player gets to watch their character gets to watch their character angrily flip over a neon table covered with drinks. Flip Out is an Exotic Emote, meaning it's one of the rarest ones in the game. Here's how players can get it.

How to Get the Destiny 2 Flip Out Emote

As of July 27, players can claim a free bundle through Prime Gaming. The Flip Out Exotic Bundle comes with the following items:

  • Flip Out Exotic Emote
  • Takanome Wings Exotic Ship
  • Constricting Shell Exotic Ghost
  • Spaded Knife Legendary Sparrow

Previously, the Flip Out Emote was obtained only from Bright Engrams, which players receive once they reach max level. Players receive an additional Bright Engram for every five levels they reach above the level cap. Players can also get Bright Engrams by purchasing silver, which can only be obtained through spending real currency.

Engrams can be decoded by the NPC Tess Everis, and each Engram has the chance to contain shaders, ornaments, emotes, ships, and sparrows. What plays get from each Engram is random, so the chances of getting the Flip Out Emote may be pretty slim. In the end, it's all down to luck, however players are bound to get it as long as they keep decoding Engrams.

If you've been hunting for the Flip Out emote through Engrams, now is the chance to get it for free through Prime Gaming.