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How to Get the Escape Pack in Apex Legends

Photo by EA

Apex Legends: Escape has been a major success for EA. Fans enjoying themselves as Ash has been having a huge impact on the game already.

The new Escape Pack was released on Nov. 11 and with it players can receive a new Ash skin along with 600 coins.

How to get Escape Pack in Apex Legends

In the tweet above, the PlayApex account released information about the latest Escape Pack which includes the Endless Labyrinth Ash Skin and 600 coins. The pack is available now across all platforms.

Similar to the Emergence Pack that we received last season, you'll need to go through the digital store on your platform of choice in order to get the Escape Pack.

While on the digital store, go to Apex Legends and select the add-ons option.

Under the add-ons tab, you'll need to search for the Apex Legends Escape Pack.

After purchasing and downloading the pack, you'll then see it available in your in-game inventory the next time you load up Apex Legends.

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