How to Get the Halps Prototype Weapon, Deathloop's New Gun

The Halps Prototype Weapon was added to Deathloop in the Goldenloop update.
The Halps Prototype Weapon was added to Deathloop in the Goldenloop update. / Courtesy of Arkane, screenshot by DBLTAP

On the occasion of Deathloop's first post-launch anniversary, development studio Arkane has released the game on Xbox Game Pass and pushed out the Goldenloop content update. The former brings a huge group of new players to the game, while the latter gives them plenty of new toys with which to play. The Halps Prototype Weapon is one of the most exciting in the bunch.

The Halps Prototype weapon is a battery-operated laser beam that turns enemies to ashes in seconds. It's hugely powerful and supremely satisfying to use. Here's how to get it for yourself.

Where to Find the Halps Prototype Weapon

The Halps Prototype Weapon can be found in The Compound, inside Dr. Wenjie's lab. When you reach Wenjie's area, look for the green building to the left of the lab itself. Once inside, you should see a small room directly in front of you. Make for that room and you'll find the Halps Prototype Weapon guarded by two security cameras.

Opening the case in which the Prototype hides is something of a puzzle. If you hack the cameras, you won't be able to open the case and retrieve the weapon. Instead, hit the Compound during the morning, when Wenjie isn't there. You'll want to turn the laser on by pulling the left lever and then the right lever. The laser will then focus on you, and you'll be able to manipulate it to shoot its own charging station.

You may die in the process — keep the Reprise Slab equipped just in case — but if done correctly, this trick will open the case, allowing you to retrieve the weapon.

Alternatively, you can show up at night, when Wenjie takes the Prototype out of its case. You'll have to kill her and a few of her clones to get the weapon, but you may prefer that to trying to manipulate the laser and cameras.

Unlike other weapons in Deathloop, the Halps Prototype Weapon must be charged using batteries or battery stations. In addition to incinerating enemies, it can be fired at sensors and turrets to redirect the laser to wherever the target is pointing.