How to Get the Hoverbike in NBA 2K23

Image courtesy of 2K

NBA fans finally got their hands on NBA 2K23, which released on Sept. 9. As any MyPlayer user knows, there are a ton of flamboyant clothes, gear, and rides players can use to get around the courts.

While the go-cart was last years top choice of transportation, fans have debated heavily between two choices for 2K23. The golf cart, and the hoverbike. Regardless of preference, it's no easy task to unlock the titular items. 2K23 has a battle pass that progresses based off playing MyCareer mode, and rewards players with badges, cosmetic items, and even the golf cart. Here's how to get the hoverbike.

How to Get the Hoverbike in NBA 2K23

The hoverbike unlocks at level 40 of the 2K battle pass, which is the last possible level for players to complete. Players can progress through the levels by earning XP for completing games, and by completing challenges.

The absolute best way to unlock the hoverbike is to just play 2K. It'll take plenty of hours to get to the hoverbike, but it is attainable. The game has been out for less than a full day and die hard 2K players are already flying around MyPark on hover bikes and golf carts.

It's a tall task, but is well worth the time to unlock.