How to Get the Mk12 DMR in PUBG Taego

How to Get the Mk12 DMR in PUBG Taego
How to Get the Mk12 DMR in PUBG Taego / photo courtesy by PUBG Corp.

Earning the Mk12 DMR in PUBG Taego is all about persistence.

The Mk12 DMR Assault Rifle is an all-new weapon part of the Taego map. The assault rifle is released with other new weapons with players dropping onto the battle royale to get their hands onto the best ones to dominate the game.

How to Get the Mk12 DMR in PUBG Taego

New weapons on an all-new map equal players will be rushing to find the latest addition, Mk12 DMR in the battle royale. the weapon is a single-fire that uses 5.56mm ammunition with four slots that can hold a muzzle, magazine, grip, and scope. The low recoil weapon spawns in as global loot on Taego so players can find the Mk12 DMR waiting for them in either a building or garage. The traits on the DMR include:

  • Damage - 50
  • Muzzle Velocity - 930 m/s
  • Effective Range - 400
  • Ammo Type - 5.56mm

Upon inspecting the Mk12 DMR specifications the effective fire range is less than the K2 Assault Rifle; which has three firing modes but unique recoil. It would be interesting who the better shot would be since both weapons have almost the same ADS speed if two players that hold these weapons go head-to-head. Keep in mind the K2 assault rifle kicks the weapon higher after the second shot and the Mk12 only needs two to three headshots to knock down an opponent.

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