How to Get The Nemesis Division 2

How to get the Nemesis in Division 2 can be a complicated journey. The Nemesis Exotic Marksman Rifle is a gun that players are eager to get their hands on despite the lengthy process required.

The Nemesis is an incredibly powerful Exotic Marksman Rifle that requires players to jump through quite a few hoops to acquire it. The steps to acquire The Nemesis were first unlocked in the Tidal Basin update, which also brought World Tier 5. So how do you get The Nemesis?

How to Get the Nemesis Division 2

The first thing you'll need to do is complete the Tidal Basin Stronghold. Then complete three "invaded" missions, and re-enter the Tidal Basin Stronghold. When you reach the Acquire the Antiviral objective, there's a building on the right of the gate you'll need to enter after clearing the area. Go up the stairs and collect the Black Tusk Keycard.

At the section where you board the hovercraft, hug the wall to the left to find a door with a keypad. You can open this door with the Black Tusk Keycard, and inside you'll find the Adrestia SR1 Sniper Rifle. Now, dismantle the Sniper Rifle to get The Tally Marksman Rifle Scope, which is the first component you'll need to craft The Nemesis.

The next step is to complete each of the strongholds that are available on Invaded difficulty. These are the Capitol Building Stronghold, the District Union Arena Stronghold, and the Roosevelt Island Stronghold. Completing these Strongholds will give you the rest of the components you need to craft The Nemesis.

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