How to Get the Neon Steel Weapon Coating in Halo Infinite

Image courtesy of 343 Industries

A new Ultimate Challenge has been revealed in Halo Infinite, and players can earn themselves the Neon Steel weapon coating.

While players can earn themselves some shiny new cosmetics simply by progressing through the Battle Pass, others can try their hand at some of the available weekly challenges. These challenges refresh each week, meaning players only have a limited time to complete them all and unlock the week's Ultimate Challenge. Completing that will earn players a new reward.

The reward this week is the Neon Steel weapon coating - a black and silver colored coating with some neon yellow highlights. Here's what you need to do in order to complete the Ultimate Challenge and earn the reward.

How to Get the Neon Steel Weapon Coating in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite's Ultimate Challenge this week is called Endurance of Will. Here, you'll need to win 17 Attrition matches. While this might sound like quite the task, with decent squad coordination and some vigilance, dedicated players should be able to complete this one before the week is done.

After completing the challenge, players will be rewarded the Neon Steel weapon coating, which can be applied to weapons via the Customization menu.

In other Halo news, it looks as though players will soon be able to earn themselves some Credits simply through playing matches. As part of player progression in Halo Infinite, players will be able to earn Credits to spend in the in-game shop through Season 2's Battle Pass. Be sure to check out our rundown of what we can expect from Season 2.