How to Get the Phaedra Skin in Fortnite

Image Courtesy of Epic Games

Here's how to get your grubby hands on the new Phaedra skin in Fortnite.

The Phaedra outfit, available through participation in the Fortnite Crew subscription pack for July 2022, has gamers seriously considering the value of $11.99. And with a look like that, who can blame them.

How to Get the Phaedra Skin in Fortnite

Mere moments after the new outfit was announced on Twitter, users began to flood the platform with fan art, and as they say, mimicry is the ultimate form of flattery.

But who is this mysterious witchy woman who has already captured the hearts of Fortnite players internet-wide? An official release by The Fortnite Team maintains the mystery surrounding her. It does not mention much about her background, although the release does make it clear that she is not partial to light, characterizing her simply as, "shadowy and powerful."

As for the items that make up her outfit, the release provides a little more color, stating, "Phaedra “blots” the light not only with her sun-blocking hat, but also the octopus Ceph Back Bling that’s part of the Crew Pack. The other items of the July Crew Pack are the Stygian Parasol Pickaxe (the hat’s not enough for Phaedra), the Gothic Shadesoarer Glider, which flies from a breeze from beyond, and the Inky Reflection Loading Screen... The Phaedra Outfit [also] comes with the Shrouded alt Style, providing even more protection from the light."