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How to Get the Polo Grounds in MLB The Show 21

Photo by San Diego Studios

Players wondering how to get the Polo Grounds in MLB The Show 21 won't have to wonder any longer.

The Polo Grounds is one of the most iconic sporting stadiums of all time. Known for its unique layout, Polo Grounds featured extremely short left and right field corners at 279 and 248 feet respectively. The stadium was home to numerous New York teams including the Mets, Yankees, Jets and more. San Diego Studios lets fans relive memories in the stadium in MLB The Show.

The stadium is available in Diamond Dynasty to own through a specific Collection set. Here's how to earn the Polo Grounds.

How to Get the Polo Grounds in MLB The Show 21

As mentioned, the Polo Grounds is a special Collection reward. Players have to go to the Collections tab in Diamond Dynasty and head to the Stadium section.

Going into the Classic Stadium section will reveal that the Polo Grounds is earned by collection all of the retro stadiums in the game. These stadiums are earned either through Inning Programs in special packs, by purchasing them on the market or others. Additionally, sometimes SDS sets the Polo Grounds as a specific stadium for Events. Such was the case with the Switch-it-Up event where players had to use switch hitters.