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How to Get the Pumpkin Helm in Elden Ring

Courtesy of FromSoftware / Screenshot: @Sam4books

Want to get the Pumpkin Helm in Elden Ring? Here's everything you need to know

With players now fully adventuring in the Lands Between in Elden Ring, many are looking for ways to optimize their character fully. While the Pumpkin Helm looks rather goofy and many players want it for the memes, it is honestly not a bad helm for early game.

Pumpkin Helm enemies can be found at various locations around the Lands Between, and all of them have the chance to drop the Pumpkin Helm. However, the best place to farm the helmet is at Saintsbridge, which is in northern Limgrave.

The Pumpkin Helm Location in Elden Ring

Saintsbridge is the best place to farm the Pumpkin Helm because the Mad Pumpkin Helm enemy is the only enemy on the bridge. Furthermore, there is a Site of Grace right by the bridge where you can kill the enemy, loot, rest, and repeat.

The Mad Pumpkin Helm enemy is very simple to eliminate. You can either take out this foe by using a bow or by using spells from range. That being said, melee players will also have an easy time defeating him because the attack speed is very low and predictable. Take note, the enemies wearing the helm cannot be hurt by attacking their heads, so attack their mid-sections.

Happy Pumpkin farming!