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How to Get the Rook LMG in Warzone

How To Get The Rook LMG in Warzone.
How To Get The Rook LMG in Warzone. / Photo by Activision Blizzard/Infinity Ward

Our quick guide on how you can get the new Rook LMG in Call of Duty Warzone.

The Rook is a blueprint for the new RAAL MG light-machine gun that was added to Modern Warfare and Warzone following the release of Season 2 earlier this week. While the weapon has been in the game's code since before Season 2 was released, it was not previously available to players apart from the occasional crate drop.

How to Get the Rook LMG in Warzone

In order to unlock the Rook, CoD players will need to get seven kills with LMGs across five games. Please note that if you are going to be embarking on this challenge you will need to make sure that you have the Scout Optic equipped to your chosen LMG for it to count. Please note that the weapon itself hasn't been released in the main weapons menu so the only way you'll be able to try out the RAAL MG is if you acquire the Rook blueprint via a supply crate. However, the weapon is definitely worth picking up when you get the chance as it is an unbridled melt machine.