How to Get the Sykov Pistol in Warzone

How to Get the Sykov Pistol in Warzone
How to Get the Sykov Pistol in Warzone /

Few people have learned how to get the Sykov Pistol in Warzone, a new weapon that has yet to be fully released in the Call of Duty battle royale. This newest addition to the game is set to release with Season 2 of Warzone on Feb. 24, but it seems to be partially released for Plunder already.

The Sykov pistol is setting up to be the next "busted" gun of Warzone. Some brief clips and videos have been shown how it can be used. The attachments and firepower are sure to make this a threat when its officially released. Follow these steps to unlock the Sykov pistol in Plunder.

How to Get the Sykov Pistol in Warzone

  1. Finish 5 different matches with 4 pistol kills) to unlock the Sykov. This is the required challenge.
  2. Below your player name and season rank should be a blinking green square. This means the weapon has been unlocked, and if you don’t see this green square in your menu you have not unlocked the weapon
  3. If the weapon has not been unlocked, switch to the co-op menu in Modern Warfare and start a Private Match with Survival as the game type
  4. In the Survival match, access the weapon buy station and scroll to the bottom of the pistols category to see your progress for the challenge
  5. The Sykov will be unlocked and available for testing after the challenge has been completed. You should now see the blinking square in the Warzone menu if you hadn't before.

Neither Activision or the Call of Duty developers have confirmed this method of unlocking. It was discovered by Call of Duty YouTuber JGOD.

JGOD warns players who attempt to unlock this pistol that their weapon progress might not be saved since the Sykov isn't fully released at this time. This weapon looks like it will dominate and define the meta when it's released on Feb. 24. Hopefully we haven't seen the final product yet.