How to Get the Whiplash in Rocket League

Courtesy of Epic Games

Fortnite’s Whiplash car is entering the vehicular soccer arena in Rocket League! Introduced to the game as a part of the High Octane Event, Rocket League and Fortnite are swapping cars. In this crossover, from Nov. 15 to Dec. 3, Fortnite will also be receiving Rocket League’s iconic Octane car. In order to earn Whiplash in Rocket League, players must complete the High Octane Quests Fortnite. 

How to Get the Whiplash in Rocket League

Completing the High Octane Quests in Fortnite will earn players 20,000 XP and in-game items. After a player completes eight of these tasks, they will be able to receive the Fornite’s Whiplash in Rocket League along with the following cosmetics:

  • Whiplash wheels
  • Flames decal
  • Stripes decal
  • Wings decal
  • Lightning decal

Within Fortnite, there are not only quests in its usual Battle Royale and Zero Build game modes, but there are also challenges that must be completed in specific Creative maps that are found in the game's Discover tab.

Octane Battle Royale / Zero Build Quests

  • Fly 100 meters continuously in an Octane
  • Hit three opponents while riding in an Octane
  • Perform a 720 front or black flip in the air with an Octane

RL Live Challenges: Map code: 9775-0165-8588

  • Earn 100 points
  • Earn 250 points

Sniper vs. Octanes: Map code: 8992-9205-6512

  • Damage 600 car opponents
  • Eliminate one sniper

Octane Race: Map Code 3847-7344-8745

  • Complete a lap in under two minutes and 30 seconds
  • Complete 2 laps

Rocketeer Ruins: Map Code 5620-6416-3977

  • Collect 8 coins
  • Reach all 5 Hardpoints