How to Get to Argus in Dragonflight

Getting to Argus in Dragonflight is a bit more complicated compared to most places since it's locked content from Legion. The first step is getting to the Broken Shores. If you haven't been to Legion Dalaranm then you need to take the Azsuna portal from Stormwind and Orgrimmar and fly to Dalaran in the sky.

If you want to unlock the Dalaran hearthstone, simply click the “Fight the Legion” option from the command board in Stormwind or Orgrimmar. This will take you through a scenario and unlock Dalaran.

Now the hard part. You need to complete the Uniting the Isles quest from Khadgar. He's in the Violet Citadel. This requires you to earn a friendly reputation with all the factions from Legion.

How to Get to Argus in Dragonflight

For a quicker grind, make sure to complete the Khadgar’s Discovery quest to unlock Suramar which gives you more storylines and reputation options.

Then players will need to complete the Broken Shore scenarios so accept the Armies of Legionfall quest at Krasus' landing.

After completing the Broken Shore section and finishing your rep grind, you'll unlock the Hand of Fate quest from Khadgar. Welcome to Argus! If you want to make traveling here easy, finish the main storyline until you unlock the Lightforged Beacon to Argus on Krasus' Landing.