How to Get to Court of Stars in Dragonflight


World of Warcraft: Dragonflight has introduced its first Mythic+ season to the game. This will see dungeons from older expansions added to the current dungeon pool in Dragonflight. The first season of Mythic+ will see four old dungeons and four current dungeons added to the pool. One of the returning dungeons will be the Court of Stars. Here is how players can get to the Court of Stars in Dragonflight

How to Get to Court of Stars in Dragonflight

The Court of Stars was originally from the 2016 World of Warcraft Expansion Legion. Compared to some of the other dungeons in Mythic+, the Court of Stars can be a little trickier to find.

Players will need to head to Vadraken in order to take the portal to Dalaran. From Dalaran players can head to the Broken Isles. For those that still have a Dalaran Hearthstone in their inventory from the original Legion campaign to avoid going to the Broken Isles.

After arriving in Dalaran you will need to fly to the capital city of Suramar. Once players land in Suramar City they will need to reach the location with the coordinates 49,64. This will lead players to the Concourse of Destiny.

At the Concourse of Destiny, there will be a portal surrounded by four Kirin Tor Peacekeepers. Entering this portal will take players to a subzone known as the Aetherium. In the Aetherium players will go to the southeast corner of the rotunda to find the meeting stone for the Court of Stars. The portal to the Court of Stars can then be found on the east side of the room past an archway.