How to Get to the Secret Rooftop Pathway on Olympus in Apex Legends

Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

With Season 7: Ascension of Apex Legends being released on Nov. 4, it was only a matter of time before players found the glitches that come with a new update. We've already seen a fair amount of glitched drop locations that re-deploys players across the map. Now, were seeing rooftops you can get on to use to your advantage.

If you've ever tried dropping onto a rooftop only to be alerted to return back to the fighting area, you are not alone. However, this time, there's a rooftop that won't immediately kick you for being in the restricted area.

The rooftop is red and located near Turbine, and Hammond Labs. It is a very large rooftop with large slopes that provide for easy sliding, but there are some areas of the roof that will give you the "return to the map" warning.

Pathfinder, Octane and Horizon all have abilities that can get you onto the rooftop for now. This glitch isn't expected to be around very long considering you aren't allowed to be on rooftops already. However, if you're looking to take advantage in this brief window of opportunity, you'll be able to drop in on unsuspecting opponents until the glitch is fixed.