How to Get Traded in MLB The Show 22

Image courtesy of San Diego Studio

MLB The Show is known for two popular game modes. Diamond Dynasty, which is MLB's version of an Ultimate Team, and Road to the Show.

Road to the Show is the single-player MyCareer style game mode. Upgrading your player takes a while and so does moving up through the ranks. You can choose different routes for your player to get drafted. You can set guidelines on which division or what type of team you want to go to, you can go completely random or you can select which team you want to play for.

Sometimes, the team you get drafted to has a better player in your position. Say you get drafted as a Center Fielder with the Angels. It's going to take a long time for you to take that position away from Mike Trout.

Well what can you do then? Request a trade.

How to Get Traded in MLB The Show 22

Getting traded isn't a quick process in Road to the Show. First off, you cannot outright request a trade whenever you want. You must be approached by a coach or receive a call from your agent. You must answer the following dialogue correctly to request a trade.

When you are asked how you are doing with the organization, you must answer, "It could be better I guess," then next you will say, "I never saw myself with [Insert Your Team Here],"

Getting traded after that depends on your overall and how long you have been with a team and your current stats. Once in the trade process, check the team's roster to make sure you have a chance to be called up to the big leagues.