How to Get Training Points in Madden 22

Madden 22 players want to know how to get training points in-game.
Madden 22 players want to know how to get training points in-game. / EA Sports

Madden 22 players want to know how to get training points in-game.

Training Points are one of the most important currencies in Madden. They are the primary avenue through which players can upgrade their team's cards and have them dominate the field with ease. Upgrading certain players is essential to unlocking their full potential as some of their unique powers won't be unlocked until they hit a certain level—for example, X-Factor and Superstar abilities.

Here are some of the quickest ways to get Training Points in Madden 22.

How to Get Training Points in Madden 22

There are two primary ways to earn Training Points (TP) in Madden 22. Theses are: completing Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) challenges and selling unwanted or excess player cards.

Players can participate in MUT challenges during normal matches and drills. Essentially, the game will give them a certain criteria--e.g.: "prevent x number of maneuvers"--and then reward them when they fulfill that request. According to player reports, the challenges that offer the best chance at scoring TP are Weekly Solos and Head-to-Head. However, it should be noted that not all challenges will give TP outright. Those wanting to farm may need to take an extra step.

One of the other common rewards for challenges and other in-game activities is player cards. It's not uncommon to receive duplicates or "useless" cards in this manner--meaning they can be sold without remorse for a bit of extra profit. Unsurprisingly, a higher Overall rating on a card will directly translate to a larger payout.

We've listed the conversion below.

Player Card to Training Point Value Conversion

  • 62-65 Overall: 4 TP
  • 66-69 Overall: 6 TP
  • 70 Overall: 10 TP
  • 71 Overall: 12 TP
  • 72 Overall: 15 TP
  • 73 Overall: 18 TP
  • 74 Overall: 21 TP
  • 75 Overall: 26 TP
  • 76 Overall: 31 TP
  • 77 Overall: 38 TP
  • 78 Overall: 46 TP
  • 79 Overall: 56 TP
  • 80 Overall: 110 TP
  • 81 Overall: 160 TP
  • 82 Overall: 230 TP
  • 83 Overall: 340 TP
  • 84 Overall: 490 TP
  • 85 Overall: 710 TP
  • 86 Overall: 1030 TP
  • 87 Overall: 1500 TP
  • 88 Overall: 2180 TrP
  • 89 Overall: 3150 TP
  • 90 Overall: 5000 TP

Players should feel free to sell off any cards they don't feel have personal value to, instead, sink those TP into cards they actually want.