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How to Get Unsullied Hearts in V Rising

Image courtesy of Stunlock Studios

Looking for Unsullied Hearts in V Rising? Here's what you need to know.

In V Rising, players awaken as a vampire who needs to prey on nearby human settlements in order to regain their strength and survive. With the game utilizing crafting as a main mechanic, you'll soon find that you'll need to get your hands on some valuable materials and resources.

Unsullied Hearts are a particularly important resource as they're used to craft the Greater Blood Essence, among other uses. So, given that they're necessary to get hold of, here's where you can find them.

How to Get Unsullied Hearts in V Rising

There are two main ways to find Unsullied Hearts in V Rising, though each requires taking down some powerful enemies.

The first is to farm Unsullied Hearts from Blood Carriers. Once you've built your Blood Altar you'll be able to track Blood Carriers. They have a farily decent chance of dropping Unsullied Hearts upon defeat but, given that some are stronger than others, it's best to go after some of the weaker Blood Carriers if you're looking to farm.

Easier Blood Carriers to hunt down are Rufus the Foreman, Lidia the Chaos Archer, or Alpha Wolf.

The second method is to try your hand at some of the higher-levelled enemy mobs — but this method isn't as reliable as hunting Blood Carriers. The drop rate for these stronger enemies is pretty low, and requires a lot more effort.

Players will only need four Unsullied Hearts to craft one Greater Blood Essence, so use whichever method is best suited to your style of play.

V Rising is available now, in early access, on Microsoft Windows.