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How to Get Voidbent Armor in New World

Photo Courtesy of Amazon Studios

Looking to get your hands on some Voidbent armor? Here's what you need to know.

Voidbent armor is a sought after addition to every adventurer's equipment in New World. With players ramping up in the game as it hits its third week since release, obtaining this crucial piece of armor is a necessity for many. Here is how to get Voidbent armor in New World.

How to Get Voidbent Armor New World

In order to get Voidbent armor, you must first get Voidbent ingots which require Void ore and Void essence. To get Void ore you're going to need to level up your mining level to at least 175 as it's a high level resource. From here, you can attempt to gain Void ore by mining Orichalcum Veins. The process will take a long time as getting Void ore from these veins is based on a bit of luck.

Orichalcum Veins are located near the northern and western regions of the map. The mining deposits are in Shattered Mountain and Great Cleave. Lots of resources should be available here as many players have yet to reach a high enough level to mine these deposits.

Of course if you don't want to go through this trouble, you can always buy the armor from trading posts. But with the rarity of this armor, don't expect to get it for cheap.