How to Get Workshop Maps in Rocket League

courtesy of Psyonix Studios

Rocket League Workshop Maps are custom racing routes downloadable through Steam.

Rocket League is a racing game that challenges its players in many ways, including gameplay skills and even design. Workshop maps are customized maps made by users first introduced in 2016. It allowed players to design their own maps and upload them on Steam for others to enjoy as well. Since then, thousands of creative and challenging racing courses have been flooding the Rocket League community.

How to Get Workshop Maps in Rocket League

You will first have to access the Rocket League Workshop page. Make sure you are logged into your Steam account which you play the game.

In the "Home" tab page, you can find the current trending Workshop maps including most popular and most subscribed. Most popular is based on ratings and most subscribed is self explanatory.

Click on a map that interests you. If you decide you want to try out this map, simply click on the green "subscribe" button as shown in the photo above.

That is it- the Workshop Map has been added to your Rocket League game. You can easily access the map from the in game main menu. Click on "Extras" and then select "Workshop." From there, you can find a list of maps that you have subscribed.

Workshop has been a great system in Rocket League. It has kept a tight community within players where they can have fun and also improve their skills. You will be able to find some insane maps. Here are some recommendations for you.

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