How to Get XDefiant Closed Beta Access


Punky multiplayer shooter XDefiant is having a closed Beta right now - this latest team-based offering has made some waves this year. Here's how to gain access to the Beta check out the latest entry into the multiplayer shooter marketplace.

XDefiant is an upcoming multiplayer arena shooter being developed by Ubisoft San Francisco. It's a 6v6, team-based FPS with customizable characters who each belong to one of five factions: The Libertad, the Echelon, The Phantoms, The Cleaners and Dedsec. Ubisoft fans will know these factions are taken from other popular Ubisoft game series, such as Far Cry, Watch Dogs and the Tom Clancy properties.

How to Get XDefiant Closed Beta Access

The best option is to check social media for codes with multiple redemptions. Former Call of Duty world champion, Jordan "JKap" Kaplan, tweeted out a code with 1,000 redemptions. The code is listed below:


According to an announcement made on the game's official website last week, Ubisoft San Francisco, players can register for the beta on the game's website - however, because the beta begins at 1 p.m. ET, this avenue might be closed. Players can also get into the beta by winning a Twitch Drop earned by watching a partnered streamer for at least 30 minutes.

Players who join the game's beta are also not bound by NDA and can talk about and stream gameplay of the game at will. Furthermore, participants will have access to exclusive rewards that will carry over into the full release version of the game.