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How to Go Faster in Roller Champions

Here's a breakdown of how to gain speed in Roller Champions.
Here's a breakdown of how to gain speed in Roller Champions. / Image courtesy of Ubisoft

Roller Champions has finally arrived and just with any new game, mastering the mechanics is step one towards becoming a better player.

With a game predicated so heavily on movement such as this one, understanding how to gain speed is one of the first things most players will want to make sure they get done early on. Here's a breakdown of how to gain speed in Roller Champions.

The foundation of gaining speed in Roller Champions starts with manipulating the half-pipe walls of the arenas. To be more precise, aside from simply skating around, be sure to pump, aka make yourself small and have a lower center of mass to let gravity do its thing.

When descending from slopes, you want to be holding the pump position until you level out again. Pumping is never a good option when moving upwards, in which case, simply skating is the way to go. It's this dynamic of timing your pumps that will allow you to gain more speed independent of whatever else the other players are doing.

Speaking of other players, another key way to go faster in Roller Champions is by drafting.

With it's your teammates or players from the opposing team, you can sit in someone's slipstream and simply skate behind to gain speed. While drafting, you'll eventually notice that your skates will glow brighter and lines will become more pronounced as you build towards maximum draft.

Drafting is why skating together as three members of a team, without having to snake your way up the walls and boost down them, is another way to build serious speed.

Lastly, perhaps the easiest way to get immense speed in a short amount of time is by Grappling onto a teammate in front of you. As soon as you let go of them, you will thrust yourself forward, picking up serious ground in no time.