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How to Half-Flip in Rocket League

Photo via Psyonix / Epic Games

Rocket League is home to some of the most difficult mechanics to master. The Musty Flick, Air Dribbling, Flip Resets and so many more.

These mechanics aren't pointless either. As you progress through the ranks, these mechanics become more common. Compared to some of the others named earlier, one mechanic is not as hard, but just as important to learn.

This mechanic is the half flip and we're going to discuss how to do the half flip mechanic properly.

How to Half-Flip in Rocket League

For those who would want a video tutorial, here's a video by SqushyMuffinz, one of Rocket League's top players.

But regardless, let's get into what a half flip is and how to execute it. The half flip is used when you need to turn around 180 degrees. It is most commonly used when trying to prevent your opponent's breakaways or you just need to get back on defense.

Step-by-Step Breakdown of a Half Flip

When starting to get a feel for the half flip, start by practicing straight line reversing and back flipping.

Next, you'll want to start learning how to turn around. While still doing your backflips, start to practice turning your car around mid-air. Once you got the turning down, time to perfect the mechanic.

Now instead of doing a full backflip, try to do only half of a back flip or a bicycle shot. When you are halfway through the bicycle animation, hold up on your left stick. You will land on your head with momentum and then you will turn the car around.

The next step is the final step. When your car has finished the bicycle animation and before your car lands on its head, start to add boost. This boost will speed your car up enough to get back on defense and will keep your car in the air slightly longer.

When your car is in the air, use whatever button you have for air roll, and air roll back onto your wheels. Once you start getting comfortable with this mechanic, boom, you're done. You've learned how to do the half flip.