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How to Heal in Hades, Explained

How to heal in Hades, explained.
How to heal in Hades, explained. / Photo courtesy of Supergiant Games

Knowing how to heal in Hades can be mighty important, as the game is fairly stingy when it comes to restoring lost health. In fact, much of the time you'll have to choose between healing up after the game's many dangerous rooms or taking an upgrade that will make you more powerful in the long term, weighing short-term survival against long-term odds of success.

Here are the various ways in which you can regain health while climbing your way out of the Underworld.

How to Heal in Hades, Explained

The most common way to heal up in Hades is by completing a room that rewards you with a Centaur Heart. These can be identified on doors by their heart shape and red cross on their center.

Another option is to get the Talent Chthonic Vitality. Available through the Mirror of Night, this talent will heal you for 1 health whenever you complete a room. That may not seem like a lot, but if you're able to string together a few rooms without getting hit it can start to stack up.

Alternatively, you can trade Chthonic Vitality for Dark Regeneration, which will convert a portion of any Darkness you collect into health.

Finally, when the House Contractor shows up you can build a Fountain Chamber, Tartarus. The work order, once complete, will make Fountain Chambers available throughout the game. In the you'll find an Artifact, plus a fountain that will heal you for 15 health. That Artifact can even be a Centaur Heart, healing you for even more.