How to Heal Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction

Photo via Ubisoft / Xbox

Inactive operators in Rainbow Six Extraction must be healed before they can return to fight. Unlike other games, healing takes plenty of more time and effort in order to use your favorite operator after they get heavy damage inflicted.

Here's how to heal operators in the new Rainbow Six Extraction.

How to Heal Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction

When the portrait of the operator that you were using has an orange filter on it and the operator has been marked as "inactive," this means that they incurred too much damage in your last mission, and need time to heal your HP.

In order to heal your inactive operators in Rainbow Six Extraction, players must take other characters into Incursions and earn XP with them. The XP that you get from these missions will transmit into HP for your injured operators and heal them. You do not need to complete the full incursion to heal your inactive operator, however, when you do, you'll earn more XP, as well as HP.

This may seem like a complex process that will prevent you from getting to play with your favorite operator, however it does give you the chance to try out other operators while you try to heal your favorite, adding a much needed variety of choice to the game.

Rainbow Six Extraction is out now for Amazon Luna, PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.