How to Hear Footsteps in MW3 Warzone

Here's how to hear footsteps better in MW3 Warzone
Here's how to hear footsteps better in MW3 Warzone / Activision

As fans explore Urzikstan, they want to know how to better hear footsteps in MW3 Warzone.

Urzikstan finally dropped in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 1, bringing a new Battle Royale map to Warzone in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 era. Although the map was met with generally positive reviews, the lack of footstep audio on Urzikstan greatly hindered gameplay in the first couple of weeks on the game. In fact, the audio was so bad that it got everyone, from casual players to Warzone professionals, talking.

Fortunately, Activision heard the complaints and quickly took action.

Footsteps Audio Improved in MW3 Warzone Patch Notes

Activision responded to the footsteps audio issues in the Dec. 14 MW3 Warzone patch notes. The developers "rebalanced first person and enemy footstep audio" in all modes.

They further explained, "Since the launch of Season 1 last week, we’ve been actively listening to player feedback regarding audio concerns in Warzone, especially related to footsteps. This initial update is aimed at addressing part of these concerns and enhancing the overall experience before we head into the holidays."

Although there is still more work to be done, the audio is definitely better than it was at launch, and hopefully more improvements will come in the following weeks.

How to Hear Footsteps in MW3 Warzone

Despite the recent patch notes, though, there are still a few ways to hear footsteps better in MW3 Warzone. The easiest way to hear footsteps on Urzikstan is to equip the best audio settings in Warzone.

Audio settings ultimately come down to personal preference, depending on your platform and headset, but there are a couple universal settings to use that will improve your audio in-game. Firstly, make sure you turn Music Volume to 0, and then crank up your Master Volume to 100.

Then, players on console should turn their Audio Mix to Cinema. If you are on PC, try PC Speaker or Soundbar. You should be able to hear footsteps better with the adjusted settings.

Also, it goes without saying, but make sure you are playing with a headset to truly hear Warzone's audio as best as you can.