How to Hide in a Giant Snowball in Fortnite

Epic Games

It is officially the holiday season in Fortnite with the return of Winterfest. From Dec. 13 to Jan 3. players can claim free gifts and complete wintery-themed quests. The Cozy Lodge will be decked out in decorations and snow can be seen in certain parts of the map. When playing matches during the next few weeks players might notice deadly grenades being fired from a Snowball Launcher or even giant snowballs speeding by. Fortnite players can actually use these giant snowballs to hide.

How to Hide in a Giant Snowball in Fortnite

Before you can hide in a giant snowball, players need to make a snowball. If players come across some snow on the ground on the map all they need to do is smack it with their pickaxe. The areas with snow will be easier to spot so no need to comb the map for snow piles. Players will have to continue hitting the snow with their harvesting tool to keep forming the snowball.

After the snowball has reached its full-size players will have to quickly press the hide button before the snowball rolls away from them. Using the snowball offers a high risk since other players will see you rolling down from a far. You will be easy to spot but if you managed to run someone with your snowball it cause some high damage.

There are challenges that task players to make and hide in a snowball at specific locations. This is a simple and fun challenge for some easy Fortnite XP.