How to Highlight Enemy Tracks in Horizon Forbidden West

Photo by Guerilla Games

Horizon Forbidden West takes players through amazing landscapes and highlighting enemy tracks can be useful to many. Here's a guide on how to highlight enemy tracks in Horizon Forbidden West.

The game's protagonist Aloy, wears a small device on her face that displays useful information like enemy tracks. When players utilize the device, they enter Focus mode.

How to Highlight Enemy Tracks in Horizon Forbidden West

To enter Focus mode, players will need to press and hold R3, the right analog stick. The scene will shift and be covered with a grid.

To further highlight enemy tracks, tag enemies with R2 and select a part of the target you want to follow by using the left and right buttons on the d-pad.

Players can also look at information about their enemy. Place the cursor at the center of the screen over the target and the information about the enemy will be displayed. By doing this you can identify any weakness the enemy may have and vulnerable body parts.

Additionally focus mode also marks climbable walls and cliffs if players are stuck on where to go.

Horizon Forbidden West is available to play now exclusively on PS4 and PS5 platforms.