How to Hit Better in MLB The Show 22

Image courtesy of San Diego Studio

Hitting a baseball. It's one of the most difficult things to do in real life. Online, in MLB The Show, the difficulty remains. Although it is not as hard, successfully hitting in The Show is difficult.

One question that players always have, is how do I hit better? There's not one answer to that question, but instead, a few factors that can affect how you're hitting. Mastering these factors won't necessarily make you a better hitter per se, but they should make your hitting setup easier to see or hit with.

How to Hit Better in MLB The Show 22

Camera Angle

The first factor in hitting is your camera angle. Just like Goldilocks, you have to choose a camera angle that is just right. Can't be too high, too low, too close or too far. It has to be just right.

In our opinion, the perfect angle to hit off is Strike Zone. From this angle, you can see everything clearly, including, most importantly, the strike zone.

Hitting Options

When it comes to hitting, there are three options to choose from. Zone, directional and pure analog. For those that want the best results in online game modes, zone is the way to go. Zone will help you get those perfect-perfect swings.

Pure analog is not used very often, but directional can also help you get better. If you've been struggling with timing in zone, change over to directional. Work on your timing and then add in the PCI. This goes hand-in-hand with our last factor.


Allen Iverson "Practice"
Photo Courtesy of Crossing Board

"Practice. We ain't talkin' about the game, we talkin' about practice?" To quote the great Allen Iverson, yes, we are talking about practice. In order to hit better, playing and getting a feel for your batters is the best way to get better.

Knowing which hitters you hit better with, finding which pitchers' motions you like — the only way to figure it out is through practice.