How to Ignite Tables in WWE 2K22

WWE 2K22
WWE 2K22 / Photo Courtesy of Michael Grullon/2K Sports

In WWE 2K22, the extreme possibilities are endless. From breaking Hell In A Cell cages to throwing enemies off of ladders, the wrestling ring is your playground to create your own extreme moments.

An iconic part of WWE games in the past was the ability to put superstars through tables, especially flaming ones. Luckily, this is possible in the new WWE 2K22. Here's how to ignite tables in WWE 2K22, and how to put your enemies through them.

How to Set Tables on Fire in WWE 2K22

To set a table on fire in WWE 2K22, all you have to do is earn your finisher, open up a table anywhere around the ring, and hold R2/RT to ignite the table. From there, you can aim any attack or finisher on your enemy towards the table, and send them through it.

Additionally, if you use the carry ability to pick up your opponent, you can carry them towards the table and throw them through it as well, inflicting massive damage and sending shards of flaming table everywhere. Use this information to create your own iconic moments in WWE 2K22, or recreate ones from WWE history, including Edge's notorious spear on Mick Foley from the ring apron to a flaming table ringside at Wrestlemania 22.