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How to Increase Campus Attractiveness in Two Point Campus

Courtesy of Two Point Studios

Two Point Campus players might be wondering about the best way to increase their campus attractiveness. Increasing campus attractiveness provides room prestige which benefits your entire campus.

The second game released by Two Point Studios, Two Point Campus allows players to customize their very own university completely. It looks and feels very similar to its predecessor Two Point Hospital which was released back in 2018. The game revolves around using Kudosh, the in-game currency of Two Point Campus, to afford upgrades and customizations. Those additions increase your campus attractiveness which provides a wide range of benefits.

How To Increase Campus Attractiveness in Two Point Campus

In order to increase campus attractiveness in Two Point Campus, players need to decorate their campus. Campus attractiveness takes the design of all the campus into account, so players can choose to focus on improving the entire campus at once rather than just focusing on a specific room or building.

It's important to note that the quality of life of your students often depends on the room prestige, meaning that people in a better room will often be happier. Still, effort should also be taken to decorate the outdoors of your campus, as that's another easy way to gain campus attractiveness.