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How to Increase Faith in Cult of the Lamb

Courtesy of Massive Monster

Cult of the Lamb players may be wondering how they can increase their Faith. Keeping Faith high among your cult ensures your members stay in line and keep performing their tasks.

The latest game from Massive Monster, Cult of the Lamb features city management elements with a demonic twist. Players travel through a randomly generated world to recruit new followers in order to expand their cult. As your cult increases in numbers, you are better able to strike down the rise of new cults and expand your influence in your quest to lead the one true cult. However, in order to achieve this lofty goal, players will have to make sure their followers keep performing their tasks by keeping their Faith high.

How to Increase Faith in Cult of the Lamb

In order to increase Faith in Cult of the Lamb, there are several actions that players can do. Below are just some of the many ways.

Utilize Doctrines - Doctrines give your followers Faith when they perform certain actions. While there are plentiful doctrines to choose from, some give you Faith when you sacrifice members of your cult, jailing dissenting followers, and building improved sleeping quarters for your followers.

Build Decorations - Everyone loves some classy decorations, even your followers. Building new decorations will give followers a small amount of faith.

Give Sermons - Like any good cult, sermons are used to connect with your followers and preach your spiritual teachings. Daily sermons increase your Faith and can even grant you additional powers.