How to Increase Health in Cult of the Lamb

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Here's how to increase health in Cult of the Lamb.

Cult of the Lamb has taken over on Steam. It's a rogue-like indie game where players create and lead their own cult while exploring the vast world around them, with the ultimate goal "to become the one true cult." With such a unique premise, it's no wonder why Cult of the Lamb has caught the eyes of gamers.

The game is currently sitting at "Very Positive" with almost 6,000 reviews. Despite the funny cartoon designs and graphics, Cult of the Lamb is no easy game. Players will have to manage their cult and fight off a variety of enemies. In order to be well prepared for later game challenges, it's important to upgrade your maximum health. Here's our detailed guide on how to do it.

How to Increase Health in Cult of the Lamb

Increasing health can be done in a variety of ways in Cult of the Lamb. The best way to raise your maximum health early on is by taking advantage of your position as a cult leader. Daily sermons will reward players with XP towards weapons, curse abilities, and potentially extra health. Once gaining enough XP, purchase the "Hearts of the Faithful" perk which will increase maximum health by half a heart. The half heart increase may seem low, but it allows you to take another hit, which can be crucial in close fights.

Another way to add health is by collecting and stacking spirit hearts. These hearts can't be refilled, but they're great at adding extra protection in combat.