How to increase strength in GTA 5 Online is similar to the process used in the game's single player mode, and calls back to old school RPG mechanics in its implementation. Here's how to raise your strength in GTA 5 Online.

How to Increase Strength in GTA 5 Online

In GTA 5, as in life, the best way to get better at something is to keep doing it. For raising stats, that means doing activities that tax those stats. More specifically, for raising strength, that means doing physical activities like punching.

Every 20 punches a player throws will increase that player's strength by one point. An easy way to max out strength quickly is to have a friend drive you to a remove location, then punch their car repeatedly while they sit inside. Hitting max strength will take around 10 minutes.

Stats decay if a player stays off GTA 5 Online for too long, so make sure to log in regularly to maintain your physique.

Photo courtesy of Rockstar Games