How to Infuse in Deathloop

Image courtesy of Arkane Studios/Bethesda Softworks

If you want to keep your gear in Deathloop, you're going to want to infuse.

Deathloop, the latest action-adventure from Arkane Studios, is finally out on PlayStation 5 and PC. Players have been getting to grips with its quirky gameplay and stylish characters. The game takes place in a single looping day, where protagonist Colt Vahn needs to eliminate all eight Visionaries. If the day ends before Colt can take them all out, or if he dies three times in one day, the loop resets and Colt begins the day again, stripped of all obtained weapons and trinkets.

Sounds frustrating. While Deathloop isn't quite a full roguelike, it definitely shares some elements. As players progress, it becomes apparent that you'll need certain things to carry over into your next loop. That's where infusing comes in. Infusing items with Residuum allows them to be carried over, so how exactly does one go about this?

How to Unlock Infusion in Deathloop

In order to unlock the ability to infuse in Deathloop, players will first need to kill Dr Wenjie Evans. She'll drop 10,000 Residuum. To eliminate Dr Wenjie Evans for the first time, you'll need to follow the "Ubiquity" Visionary Lead to The Complex in the afternoon and attack at her lab. Upon collecting her drop, the ability to infuse will unlock automatically.

How to Infuse Gear in Deathloop

Once you've killed Dr Wenjie Evans for the first time, and collect the Residuum, a new "Infuse Gear" tab will appear in Colt's loadout screen. Here, you'll see categories for each gear type that can be infused: Weapons, Slabs, Character Trinkets, Weapon Trinkets, and Slab Upgrades.

To infuse the gear, select a piece of non-infused gear and you'll be presented with how much Residuum it will cost to infuse it. Non-infused items will have a red hourglass icon, meaning it will be lost when the loop resets. If you have enough Residuum to infuse, press Enter on the selected item. The newly-infused item will now be added to your inventory and will carry over to future loops.