How to Invade in Elden Ring

Image courtesy of FromSoftware/Bandai Namco.

Gamers are trying to figure out how to invade in Elden Ring.

Unlike the previous installments, Elden Ring sets up PvP in a new unique way: invade or be invaded. Players can either be summoned or they can invade other worlds by using different materials. Here's how fans can invade in Elden Ring.

How to Invade in Elden Ring

Invading others in Elden Ring is fairly straight forward. Gamers will need to use a Festering Bloody Finger to search different worlds to invade. Once players acquire this item, it's time to invade. The first step is to make sure that fans are in the online mode. From there, go into the Inventory or Multiplayer tab and use the Festering Bloody Finger. If it works, fans will see a message that says they are invading another player.

The Festering Bloody Finger is a single-use item, so if the invasion is successful, the finger will be used up. Ultimately, the objective of invading is to defeat and kill the host of the invading world. Just keep in mind that opponents receive a warning that they have been invaded so they might have come up with a plan to defend themselves within those few seconds.

Overall, defeating an opponent in PvP will reward the player with Runes where the amount given depends on the defeated opponent's level. Ef Elden Ring fans enjoy PvP and want some runes, invading is a fantastic way to do so.