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How to Invite More Than 5 in Pokémon GO Raids

Image courtesy of Niantic

With the new Mega Evolution updates to Pokémon GO, fans are looking for all the help they can get taking down Mega Latios and Mega Latias in raids. If your struggling to beat them with only six people, you're not alone. Here are the best ways to call in some extra help.

Image courtesy of u/Kalinali

How to Invite More Than 5 Friends in Pokémon GO Raids

The easiest way to get your raid up to 12 people, would be to have a friend you're with send out the raid code to five other people, that way brining the total to 12 people, more than enough to take down even the strongest raids.

There is a way to invite more than five people on your own though. As Reddit user u/Kalinali details in their answer above, if you join the raid, quickly send your invites out to five people with at least 110 seconds left before it starts, you have a chance. Make sure to wait for one person to arrive and leave raid lobby after there are less than 85 seconds until the raid starts.

If you then quickly rejoin, you will be able to invite five more people brining you to an 11 person raid, which should get the job done. As u/Kalinali notes however, if you leave too early this method will not work. Good luck catching those shiny raid bosses trainers!