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How to Invite Villagers to Your Island in ACNH

Photo via Nintendo

There are multiple methods of inviting a villager to your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

These methods include the campsite, random villager hunting, picking up villagers "in boxes", and picking out specific Amiibo card villagers.

Below, you can find all the ways that you can pick up brand-new villagers for Animal Crossing Island.

How to Invite Villagers to Your Island in ACNH

All the possible ways to invite villagers to your island aren't too different from each other in concept, but in execution, there are clear differences.

1. The Campsite

The player unlocks the Campsite location early in the game. It introduces the first villager to be invited by the player to the island.

At the Campsite, the first villager will always be snooty, and must be invited for the game to progress.

All the player has to do is make sure they have an open plot of land, then they can invite any villager that shows up to their campsite.

2. Random Villager Hunting

One of the easiest methods to collect villagers is through randomly hunting villagers.

To do this, the player must purchase Nook Miles Tickets from the NookStop. These cost 2,000 Nook Miles for one ticket to a random island via the airport.

3. "In Boxes" Villagers

This method can be achieved either through friends or random people online.

Sometimes, a villager will ask to leave an island. If the player agrees to let them move out, the villager can now be "claimed" by another visiting player while they are collecting moving boxes. Hence the name "in boxes".

4. Amiibo Cards

The Amiibo card method is entirely luck-based. Each Amiibo card bundle costs around $5 to $10, and the villagers inside are entirely random.

Custom Amiibo cards can be purchased online. These versions of the cards are usually handmade and will either be an actual card or a coin.

Cards can also be purchased through local retailers such as Walmart or Target.