How to Kneel in Madden 20

How to kneel in Madden 20 is important to know with the effectiveness of X-Factor defenders and the hit stick. Not knowing how to kneel in a close game in Madden 20 could be the difference between winning and losing against a good defense.

Here's how you can take a knee to avoid a game-changing fumble or bad kickoff return.

How to Kneel in Madden 20

Executing a QB Kneel in Madden 20 is as simple as finding and calling the play labeled "QB Kneel." You can find it under the Special Teams section in every team's playbook. In most situations when you would need to use it, you'll also find it the Coach Suggestions section.

Once you've called the play, just snap the football without calling an audible and the quarterback will kneel down. Just be sure to run out all the time on the play clock before kneeling again. If you try to get fancy with a running play, you might end up like @LostNUnbound.

Kneeling on a kickoff return in Madden 20

Kneeling on a kickoff return requires a little bit more effort than executing a simple QB kneel. In order to kneel on a kickoff, you have to press the fair catch button while the ball is in the air. The fair catch button is the triangle button on the Playstation 4 and the Y button on the Xbox One.

The player may not kneel, but he'll still signal for a fair catch, which means you'll have the ball at the 25 yard line to start your drive.