How to Launch From a Corruption Vent in the Sideways in Fortnite

Image courtesy of Epic Games

As part of Raven's Dark Skies quest line, players will need to launch from a corruption vent in the Sideways in Fortnite.

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 8 is well underway and some new NPCs have arrived with some quests for players to get stuck into. One quest comes from Raven, asking players to launch themselves from a corruption vent. Raven can be found at Hydro 16, east of Sludgy Swamp where players can pick up the quest. Here's everything you need to know in order to complete it.

How to Launch From a Corruption Vent in the Sideways in Fortnite

The first step of this quest is to find a corruption vent. These objects look fairly distinctive as glowing ruptures from the ground. The best place to locate a corruption vent is in the main Sideways area, visible as the large orange dome present on the map. These particular areas change between matches, so be sure to check your map to see where it is.

Once found, all players need to do is run over the vent. This will launch you into the air, much like a jump pad. These vents allow players to eject themselves into the air to escape enemy players or monsters, which you might need to use if you've stumbled across a particularly hot spot.

Players will only need to launch themselves from one corruption vent in order to complete the quest. Upon completion, players will earn themselves a tidy sum of XP. Perfect for making progress on the battle pass.