How to Learn Expecto Patronum in Hogwarts Legacy

Warner Bros. Games

Hogwarts Legacy offers players the chance to learn a wide variety of spells, but what about the iconic spell Expecto Patronum?

Hogwarts Legacy, the latest RPG from Warner Bros. Games, takes players into the Wizarding World of the 1800s. With an original story, players find themselves as students beginning their journey at Hogwarts as fifth years. Throughout the game, players will visit a variety of locations, new and familiar, encounter magical creatures and learn a wide selection of spells to aid their journey.

One crucial curse which players are hoping to learn is Expecto Patronum — the Patronus Charm. It's been an important element across the Harry Potter books and films, used primarily to ward off Dementors. So, can players learn Expecto Patronum in Hogwarts Legacy?

Is Expecto Patronum in Hogwarts Legacy?

Surprisingly, Expecto Patronum is not currently available as a standalone spell in Hogwarts Legacy.

In a recent tweet, Warner Bros. Games said that "Currently there are no announced plans to include the patronus in the game." But, that doesn't rule the spell coming at a future date.

Hogwarts Legacy includes a wide variety of spells, including the famous but deadly Avada Kedavra. For a full list of included spells, check out our guide.

Hogwarts Legacy launches on Feb. 10 for PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. The game launches on April 4 for PS4 and Xbox One, then July 25 for Nintendo Switch.