How to Level Up Fast in Fortnite

There are a variety of ways to earn huge amounts of XP in Fortnite.
There are a variety of ways to earn huge amounts of XP in Fortnite. / Epic Games

Looking to progress through the Battle Pass quickly? Here's how to level up in Fortnite, fast.

There are plenty of incentives to level up in Fortnite. Aside from it proving how dedicated you are to the game, the more you level up the Battle Pass the more cosmetics you'll unlock. Some of the biggest and the best items of each season can only be unlocked by reaching level 100.

Some players have got progression down to an art, hitting level 100 and beyond in a matter of weeks. Those looking to get the same results should make use of a number of habits to reach the same heights.

How to Level Up Fast in Fortnite Chapter 4

The fastest way to level up in Fortnite, and the cheapest, is to complete challenges and quests in the game's Battle Royale mode. Occasionally other modes will have worthwhile quests, too, but Battle Royale will give you the most consistent results.

Each week, a set of new quests are released for players to complete in game, all while trying to survive the match. Quests usually net players between 15,000 and 20,000 XP, making them a great way to bump yourself up a few levels in no time. Each Fortnite season also offers story challenges, pushing along the game's overall (if loose) narrative.

Chapter 4 Season 1's Oathbound quests are split into Parts, with Part 1 offering 100,000 XP alone.

Couple this with performing actions, earning kills and surviving storm phases, and you'll be racking up thousands of points worth of XP each match. Milestone chalenges are a great way to do this. Players can earn XP by reaching certain milestones with the following tasks:

  • Activate Augments
  • Damage opponents
  • Eliminate opponents
  • Search Chests and ammo boxes
  • Gain shields
  • Restore Health
  • Hit weakpoints with a Harvesting Tool
  • Outlast opponents
  • Tame or hunt Wildlife
  • Travel distance in a vehicle

There's an additional way to gain a lot of XP in a short time without playing Battle Royale. Fortnite's Creative maps are often an untapped treasure when it comes to XP, specifically deathrun and parkour-style maps.

Creators can make it so that each 'level' in the parkour run earns players a small amount of XP. Many of these maps have upwards of 200 levels, easily completed in a short sitting. Completing each map will have players walk away with plenty of XP.